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Znen scooters dealers

Znen scooters dealers

Wolf Brand Scooters is the leading name in affordable, super stylish, quality scooters. Wolf has been around for nearly a decade, sold in hundreds of scooter shops across the nation next to brands like Vespa and Genuine Scooters. Second year extended frame and battery coverage…yep our batteries are that good! Wolf has become a household name in America over the last decade. We are carried in hundreds of dealerships across the nation next to Vespa, Genuine Scooters, Kymco, Honda, and other top scooter brands.

Wolf Brand Scooters- The toughest name in scooters! Name First Last. Dealer Consumer. Wolf Brand Scooters. Learn More About Us.

znen scooters dealers

Our Scooters. View More. Latest from our Blog! There are a few steps you can take to winterize your motor scooter to ensure it runs well when spring arrives. Important factors that you need to think about before making your scooter purchase and getting it on the road safely. Why buying from online scooter stores is like shooting yourself in the foot!

Easy to use, FREE search tool! This article will answer ALL your questions Is it a Scooter or a Moped? Or a motorcycle…or a kick scooter…. Buying a 50cc or cc Motor Scooter? Read This 5-Step Simple Guide]. Thank you for subscribing!Our Expertise. Company History. Your order will either comply with European standard or USA standard. Popularly selling in over countries. Click for more. April 28, Motorcycle Safety Myths Whether you are a new rider or you have been riding for many years, you may have heard — or ma If you're looking to buy a new kids electric scooter then this is the article for you.

We will s A gas scooter is a ton of fun and will save you many hard-earned dollars on gasoline. With fuel pric If you are trying to save a few buck in your transportation expenses these days, you may want to con The gasoline scooter is the prime business ZNEN is operating. S, Middle East. The variety of scooter engine we have makes ZNEN produce any kind of scooters to all countries in the world. We develops new scooters with giants and we also make new moulds of scooters by our DEV team.

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ZNEN has developed over 20 patented scooters. The unique models helps our importers to better compete with other scooter wholesalers. ZNEN made a great success in the China made retro scooters. We have been way out of our competitors lead since and we are still expecting to work with more scooter importer and distributors to grow together. Quality Control. Want a quote now? Get Quote. April 18, Gas Scooter A gas scooter is a ton of fun and will save you many hard-earned dollars on gasoline.

April 13, 5 Differences Between Mopeds and Scooters If you are trying to save a few buck in your transportation expenses these days, you may want to conValley Scooters has been a scooter distributor and scooter importer since We are able to provide our dealers with quality scooters, parts and helmets at wholesale prices. Our family run business values all of our dealers no matter how big or small they may be.

We started out small once, we know what its like to try and get good prices when buying small quantities. We also know that our smallest dealer today may be our biggest 2 years from now.

Replacement Parts (OEM) for Scooters

You can be sure to get the best service and support from us no matter how much you spend with us. We have settled on one scooter manufacturer that we feel provides high quality scooters at a reasonable price. Znen is the scooter manufacturer that provides scooters for us and few other selective distributors in the US. They are same factory that used to supply Fly Scooters and Lance Scooters up until a few years ago.

Please take a look at our wholesale scooters by selecting them from the menu at the top of the page or by clicking on their image below. Then enjoy the wholesale scooter prices on all our scooters. Learn how to finance more of your customers. Click on the link below.Free Life Time Technical Support Superior Powersports have trained mechanics with years of experience who can help you answer any technical question.

Do not hesitate to call us if you need help with your product. We have a dedicated service department that is created just for that. We want to make sure you are completely satisfied with your vehicle.

Just call our toll free or email us at techsupport superiorpowersports. Yes, it does take some time and create those paper work and send it to you. However, the paper work doesn't come with your bike, you need to submit MCO Request after receiving bike. We offer those documents to you totally free! Free One Year Engine!

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Limited Time Offer! Features Assembly Information This vehicle is mostly assembled and requires some minor assembly. Click here for more details about the assembly information. Why Buy a Scooter? With an ever-changing economy and congestion on the road many people are leaving their gas-guzzling cars at home and instead choosing to purchase a scooter. Imagine zipping through traffic and saving at the pump.

Scooters are super convenient! Getting from place to place hasn't been easier.

znen scooters dealers

Scooters are reliable, low maintenance, easy to handle and safe to drive. Great for students on the go looking for affordable means of transportation. Excellent for commuters stuck in traffic rushing to get to work on time and trying to get home quicker. At around 80mpg cc to 95mpg 50cc compared to 25mpg. When riding on our scooter you can easily maneuver through any situation.

With scooters becoming more and more popular, you have more options to choose from. Scooters are very easy to operate.

Whether you have driven a scooter before or this is your first time, scooters are very simple and uncomplicated. Anyone can ride safely and confidently. With a variety of colors and styles, shapes and sizes you can choose a scooter or moped that is just perfect for you. There are so many benefits to owning a scooter.Parts orders continue to be fulfilled but may face delays. We hope to resume normal operation by 14th April This may change if the situation remains ongoing. We wish all of our dealers and customers the best at this challenging time and ask that you all remain safe.

With our ever expanding network of over Dealers across the UKwe have one of the largest dealer networks in our industry. The Lexmoto Dealer Network was founded to facilitate the growth of demand for competitively priced motorcycles and scooters from dealers and retail customers alike. While retail customers wanted to view the products in person, Dealers also wanted a stable and reliable source of quality Chinese models.

Having two offices in the Chinese provinces of Chongqing and Zhejiang, where most of the vehicles are made, Llexeter Ltd is in a prime position to offer this service; not only by knowing the best products on the market, but also by maintaining daily contact and a healthy working partnership with the major manufacturers.


When a new model is released, we are the first to know. These manufacturers have worked closely with Japanese manufacturers so that we can offer similar quality but at a much more affordable price. From their origins of sourcing design styles from the best known brands, the manufacturers we work with have now developed their own identities and styles for aesthetic and robust vehicle design, providing vehicles that look contemporary and perform at the highest level yet.

Our bikes range from 50cc, through cc and up to cc, all of which are fully tested and carry the required EEC regulations to be valid vehicles in the EU. Our latest range, Lexmoto was launched in and, providing bikes for both beginners and more experienced riders with economical, robust and reliable vehicles that are as versatile and unique as the people who ride them. They have now also become one of the most popular brands on the Chinese market, regularly receiving rave reviews from the media.

If you fancy selling quality bikes without the Honda price tag or constraints, then our range could be for you. Twist and Go scooters, cc naked street bikes or a cc sports model. Every customer can find their future pride and joy in the Lexmoto range. Not only do you benefit from our competitive prices and great quality products, but what also sets us apart from other Chinese motorcycle importers is our unparalleled dealer and customer support and parts base, with technical professionals on hand to give expert advice.

You should never be stuck for parts again with www. Easily the most comprehensive parts site for all Chinese scooters and Motorcycles, the website not only covers vehicles in the Chinese Motorcycle Dealer repertoire, but also many models not in our range or that have been discontinued by other suppliers, cataloguing thousands of parts to be purchased with ease using its simple front-end ordering system.

We are always looking for new dealers and welcome all enquiries from individuals or existing businesses. With all the mentioned support and more besides, such as a free delivery scheme and large quantity discount, there are fantastic opportunities available. We know that the only way for us to stay competitive is to make sure that our dealers make money, and that retail customers get the best from their products. Therefore, we will do our very best to support you. At CMPO we list over 70, parts in our catalogue and our stock in warehoused in the UK, with over ,sq foot of storage to cover over models from over different manufacturers.

Retro and Vintage Vespa Style 150cc Scooters by HIGH STYLE MOTORING 562.945.8361

Not only that, we constantly run stock and compatibility checks to make sure you are getting the best service, and our secure and verified ordering and dispatch system means you can have your parts the very next day.

Ordering online is quick, easy and secure, with constant improvements to our site to make your shopping experience even better. We also offer fairing maps to source your panels, and a parts identification service for any part not listed on our website so we can try and source it for you!

All this and a no quibble day return policy on items purchased by retail customers make CMPO the best place to source your Chinese Motorcycle and Scooters parts!Scooters are becoming increasingly popular as more people desire eco-friendly methods of transportation. Scooters are also energy-efficient. To become part of this growing industry, consider becoming a scooter dealer. Choose your brand. Because of the huge variety in scooters, many dealers specialize in only a few brands.

Research each of these brands to determine the correct fit for your business model. Like cars, these brands range in price and quality. Vespas, for example, are highly regarded in the scooter industry for their sleek, classic design and longevity.

These scooters also come with a higher price tag. At the other end of the price line, Chinese-built scooters cost far less than high-end scooters like Buddys and Vespas, but are known to have numerous mechanical problems.

Get all applicable licenses to run a scooter dealership, in addition to providing proof of service. These requirements will vary state to state, so inquire at the Department of Motor Vehicles division.

znen scooters dealers

Check on the minimum order requirement from scooter companies. Most manufacturers require a minimum order of scooters, likely 10, which they will ship to you. Some manufacturers, like Piaggio, require pre-approval to sell their scooters.

Additionally, inquire into the warranties offered on each scooter. Many manufacturers will provide all parts and possibly reimburse service performed on scooters within a designated timeframe. Know your customer base. Scooter riders are not just college students: US News and World Report indicates inthe average age of a scooter rider has risen to 46 in comparison to 26 in Target the older audience by keeping store colors to more subdued tones of green, gray, blue and red.

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No flashy colors are needed to entice younger customers. Choose methods of financing. Though scooters may be less expensive than cars, customers may still ask for financing options. Work with lenders to determine financing methods and provide detailed financing information to customers.

Explain the common interest rates attached and monthly payments expected. Hire staff. Your scooters will most likely offer warranties, which will require mechanics. Thoroughly check the credentials of your mechanics before hiring them. Like cars, all scooters are not created equal: ensure your mechanic is knowledgeable in the types of scooters sold.

Your sales representatives should also have thorough knowledge of scooters. Be ready to justify the brand and reputation of your scooter. Consider offering ancillary products. Many scooter dealers earn additional profit by offering helmets, special paint jobs, decals, windshields and other scooter products. Like motorcycle riders, scooter riding is a growing subculture, which means that many customers may be willing to pay extra for customization of their vehicle.

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Keep abreast of scooter trends. Keeping up on trends will put you as a business owner in a position to offer trendy products and services. Since Catherine Capozzi has been writing business, finance and economics-related articles from her home in the sunny state of Arizona. She is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in economics from the W.

Carey School of Business at Arizona State University, which has given her a love of spreadsheets and corporate life.Front master cylinder leaked from plunger, damaging upper front plastic and some paint. Replaced and fixed plastics with fiberglass. Turn signal flasher failed, probably due to my letting the seat bracket short across the battery terminals during install not a manufacturing defect.

The larger 16" wheels and oversized CVT components allow this cc to bridge the gap between a scooter and motorcycle. Most of my daily commute is on 45mph roads, with traffic running up to 55mph on some stretches. I never have to go WOT to lead the pack, leaving me enough throttle for those times it's needed. I've been able to cruise on the freeway around 65mph, at WOT most of the time, and have taken it as high as 70mph with the wind at my back. I don't take passengers on the freeway, but I have no problems taking someone for a ride around town, still leading the pack if I want to.

I got the solid blue metallic paint option, and with weekly use of spray ice wax, it's gotten many compliments, and questions about how much and where can one be bought.

The engine and CVT are higher than average scooter quality as well, with a Gates Kevlar belt, oversized variator, thicker crankshaft, taller intake manifold, and clean hoses and solid wiring. And with front and rear disc brakes on the 16" wheels, stopping is never a scary situation. Nothing is perfect, and this scooter's major deficiency is its lack of storage. The front glove box will hold your paperwork, not much else. The battery is stored under the front of the seat, and the oversized air intake system takes up most of the rest of the space under there, leaving room for a storage compartment that can hold a few wrenches and a couple of screw drivers, and nothing else.

My purchase did come with a matching rear trunk, can't close it over a full face helmet, but it does hold a couple bags of groceries. At the time I'm writing this, I've put just over miles on this scooter, with only one part failure front master cylinder leak, easy fixmany compliments, and hours of enjoyment.

I would recommend the Znen ZNT to anyone. Review Date: 24th May, Throttle cable snapped during the winter months in Rhode Island after it rained and water froze the cable it was really my fault for trying to force the cable loose!

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Coil burned out at 1, miles caused it to idle roughly and cut off after riding it for minutes, or when it heated up. Model was a ZnenT with the 16" wheels in burgundy and silver I got many many compliments on this CC scooter, and for the price of it was well worth it.

It was cheap, got 74MPG consistently, and the parts were inexpensive. Now with the inexpensive parts comes more maintenance, and dealing with issues such as a burned out coil within miles which may have been covered under the warranty, but who cares. This brand of scooter actually is a better quality than most. This model came with a power link belt and a few better upgrades than your usual Chinese throw away scooters. Bottom line is, this was my first cheap scooter, and for sprinting around Newport, RI where in the summer the traffic is CRAZY and congested, this is a great first scooter, because it has the power to go 60MPH, but it performs best around mph without approaching the red line Review Date: 21st March, Like the review - much appreciated.

I will be purchasing same model at the beginning of What model year was the one described? Hmm, sounds like a good scooter. I went ahead and purchased one.